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Advanced stock charting and analysis program


AmiBroker related 3rd party sites

IMPORTANT: These are 3rd party products/sites. We do not endorse these products. We provide NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT for them. Please contact 3rd party vendors directly if you have questions regarding their products/services.


ASXMarketWatch is a great blog filled with AmiBroker tutorials, trading ideas and lots of other useful information


TheChartist.com.au offers a highly dedicated AFL programming service specialising in End of Day equities strategy design and build, indicators, explorations, simulation and screen presentation. Professional advice and service with fast turn around time.

Blue Owl Press - 6 books covering many aspects of AmiBroker
A new web site Dr Howard B. Bandy that focuses on Quantitative analysis techniques as applied to stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, futures contracts, and currencies. They have 6 books covering various aspects of AmiBroker starting from free e-book Introduction to AmiBroker and ending with newest Quantitative Technical Analysis.
Design, testing, validation, and implementation of trading systems - all using AmiBroker.

Heikin-Ashi Trend charts and other tools for AmiBroker

Construct scan and exploration formulas from GUI-driven program.

CodeForTraders.com (AmiBroker Code Area)
Analytical codes and interactive optimization convenience for the
AmiBroker platform.

3rd party library ".NET for AmiBroker" provides full .NET programmability to AmiBroker.

Quotes on-line, data providers, brokerages

Yahoo! Finance
Great site with free quotes and histories from US stock markets. AmiBroker support program called AmiQuote (available for download from here) provides automated and fast downloads of quotes from this site. These data can be very easily imported into AmiBroker. Check out also company profiles and news available on this site. AmiBroker supports displaying these pages directly in its built-in browser.

Norgate Investor Services NEW!
Norgate Investor Services provides quality end-of-day data for stock markets in Australia (ASX), Asia (SGX) and the US (AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, OTC-BB, PinkSheets, Indices). All stock data is fully adjusted for corporate actions (delistings, splits, consolidations, dilutions, merges, renames, deferred settlement, etc.) and extensive historical data is available. Hourly snapshot data is available for the ASX and SGX. Futures and FOREX data also available. Data is provided in MetaStock format.

Stock data is organised into security types (equities, indices, warrants, options) and can be organised into custom folders which allow you to segregate such as index participation, sector, industry group, dividend-paying-shares. World Indices are provided free with any subscription.

Sharenet is a JSE data provider. They offer instant, automated data feed for the AmiBroker. Check out also their general texts about the investing and technical analysis.

Investor Data
Another JSE data provider. InvestorData CC is the data distribution arm of the Investor Technology group of companies and provides stock exchange prices via the Internet to users of various share programs.

This site provides free quotes (after signing-up) from more than 30 stock markets worldwide. These can be downloaded in a variety of formats including CSV ASCII that can be easily imported into AmiBroker.

The Tickstory is designed to download tick and bar data from various sources - free and otherwise - and allow it to be imported into premier trading applications such as Amibroker. The application currently allows users to export this data in an Amibroker-friendly format and we look to extend the tool to use the Amibroker plugin architecture at some point.

Some of the free data that Tickstory currently provides is Forex, Stocks and Commodities. We will be looking to extend it to Bitcoin pricing, etc. The application is free of charge.

Polish brokerage company supplying free stock quotes from Warsaw Stock Exchange in a number of formats including Metastock, ASCII and Omega
AmiBroker provides DIRECT import of those data formats

In the spotlight

AmiBroker on Sharenet site

Do you invest on Johannesburg Stock Exchange?
Need a reliable data source?
Visit AmiBroker Centre at Sharenet. Sharenet offers instant, automated data feed for the AmiBroker. Check out also their general texts about the investing and technical analysis.

Quotes from around the world

Visit DownloadQuotes.com for extensive coverage of more than 30 stock markets worldwide. This site provides free quotes (after signing-up) in variety of formats including CSV ASCII that can be easily imported into AmiBroker.

Stock Exchanges

A list of Stock Exchanges Worldwide

New York Stock Exchange


Australian Stock Exchange

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Warsaw Stock Exchange



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